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Chromium Industries is a world leader in the finishing of rolls for a variety of applications. Chromium's engineering and quality are expert in developing unique finishes that meet an exact specification for every customer requirement.
Flawless Mirror finish of 0-1 RMS is the most exacting optical finish available. Tolerance of surface roughness can be as low as 1/4 - 1/2 RMS.
Standard Mirror finish of 2-4 RMS is a high optical quality that provides some release through surface roughness.
Soft Matte is a satin textured roll surtace that provides excellent surtace characteristics, close roll tolerance control and a variety of gloss characteristics can be attained.
Hard Matte is a tough durable chrome texture that is best for release and transfer applications.
A variety of matte surfaces can be achieved to meet exacting customer
specifications through the combination of the two surfaces.

Chrom/Slik is a composite chrome-Teflon coating used for both release and durability. The surface provides the durability and thermal conductivity of chrome while having the release characteristics of Teflon. Chrom/Slik coatings can be provided on a variety of products for many industries. Textures and surface finishes can be varied to suit an individual customer's requirement. Chrom/Slik is a proven commodity in roll coverings in many and varied industries.
Dura/Slik is a chrome-Teflon composite costing that utilizes an FDA approved Teflon. It has the same characteristics as Chrom/Slik and is also used in a wide variety of industries.
Sani-Plate is Chromium Industries own electroless nickel plating. Sani-Plate electroless nickel provides an excellent corrosion barrier and can be finished to 2-4 RMS or in matte textures. Because it is a chemical process rather than electrolytic, Sani-Plate can be used for differing geometric shapes while depositing evenly.