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CHROM/SLIKŪ surface coating combines chromium and Teflon* to provide the best features of both materials for rolls and equipment of all sizes and shapes. Impervious chromium is electroplated to a textured base, the Teflon* is applied and the surface polished to the required finish. The finished surface is mainly Teflon* with random chromium surfaces. It has a slate gray metal flake appearance, but is extremely smooth, with a low coefficient of friction. CHROM/SLIKŪ is polishable from 14 to 32 RMS.

CHROM/SLIKŪ is an outstanding coating for rolls and cylinders, as well as many types of complex shapes such as dies, guides, and mixing blades.

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Non-Stick Surface for Quick Release and Easy Cleaning

Teflon's* quick-release, non-stick properties mean that CHROM/SLIKŪ won't pick up fibers or particles. No build- up will adhere to its surface to keep the end product virtually free from contamination. Its low-friction surface also makes It exceptionally easy to clean, requiring no special maintenance procedures. In addition, CHROM/SLIKŪ is oil and water repellant, and completely non-absorbent.

Tough and Durable for a Long, Trouble-Free Life

The impervious chrome plating base coat makes CHROM/SLIKŪ exceptionally durable. CHROM/SLIKŪ is highly corrosion-resistant, and is inert to most chemicals and solvents. Chromium's intrinsic hardness makes it wear- resistant and long-lasting. Minimal maintenance reduces production down-time.

CHROM/SLIKŪ is bonded directly to the object being coated, unlike shrink-fit or spliced Teflon* sleeves. Therefore, it can't peel, split, bulge or slide off. Also, because a pure Teflon* surface is soft, solid Teflon* sleeves are susceptible to scratches and gouges. CHROM/SLIKŪ, on the other hand, is typically scratch-free, because of the durability of the chromium base coat.

*Teflon is a registered trademark of E. I. DuPont de Nemous & Co.
Regular, Even Surface Provides Smooth,
Non-transferable Finish

Our electroplating and finishing processes assure that the CHROM/SLIKŪ surface is free of irregularities, bubbles, bumps and ripples. With its low coefficient of friction, its apparent surface texture will not transfer to the product being finished.

Transfers Heat Evenly

Our method of applying chromium and Teflon* together maximizes heat conductivity. CHROM/SLIKŪ provides even heating and cooling transfer with no thermal barrier. Because Teflon* itself is an insulator, CHROM/SLIKŪ coatings provide more efficient and even drying and cooling than shrink-fit or spliced Teflon* sleeves.

CHROM/SLIKŪ Is the Cost-Effective Alternative

The durability of our impervious chrome base coat makes CHROM/SLIKŪ 5 to 10 times more cost-effective than Teflon* sleeves or coatings. CHROM/SLIKŪ maintains its surface characteristics longer, is much more durable, and is easier to take care of.

High Operating Temperature

CHROM/SLIKŪ is cured at 750°F, so equipment being coated must be able to withstand these temperatures. Because of this high curing temperature, it can be used for applications up to 750°F.